Psych-K˚ is pronounced “Sigh-Kay”, and stands for Psychological Kinesiology.

This technique was developed by Rob Williams in 1988, and he describes it as “a user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind.” It combines Psychology and Kinesiology, and can help to identify conflicts within a person’s belief system. It uses a combination of muscle-testing, positive statements and techniques called “Balances” to enable you to make significant changes in your life quickly and easily.

Psych-K˚ was my initial qualification when I began to explore this kind of work, and I trained purely for my own personal development and well-being. I knew that some of my unhelpful beliefs had created the perfect combination of life-style choices which led to a debilitating illness. To recover, I needed to look at how I had been thinking and the beliefs behind those thought patterns, changing them for beliefs which supported me rather than limiting me.

I have always been fascinated by why people think as they do – by what makes people tick. Psych-K˚ looks at beliefs and behaviour patterns, and how they shape a person’s life at a subconscious level, as well as at the more obvious conscious level. Psych-K enables you to change beliefs and patterns which sabotage your life into beliefs and patterns which support you.
Rather than fighting against subconscious beliefs, it identifies those which are unhelpful, and offers more helpful ones to replace them. The subconscious is doing its best to keep you safe, and it will keep repeating a strategy which has worked once, regardless of how appropriate it is in situations which are similar but not the same.

It is possible to think one thing at a conscious level whilst believing the opposite at a subconscious level. This sets up conflict and struggle. It’s the equivalent of having one foot pressed firmly on the accelerator pedal in your car whilst your other foot is pressed equally firmly on the brake pedal. One cancels out the other, and you do not move forward.

For example, if your conscious mind believes “I can” and at a subconscious level you are sure that “I can’t”, the subconscious “I can’t” belief will win.
Psych-K® enables you to harness the power of the subconscious, rather than fight against it. It allows you to replace even deeply-rooted limiting attitudes and behaviour with new, positive beliefs which are in line with your deepest goals and desires.

One of my favourite Psych-K˚ Balances is the Core Belief Balance. I find it helps people to feel much better in themselves, and about the world around them. Often, the changes are hard to describe, but the person themselves and everyone around them notices that they are finding life easier, and feeling more comfortable in themself.

A Core Belief Balance looks at 13 pairs of Belief Statements which indicate how someone feels about themselves, the world around them, and their place in it. Each pair of statements has a very positive statement, similar to an affirmation, and then the opposite of this positive statement, such as “I can” and “I can’t”.

Using muscle-testing, each pair of statements is checked, and the Core Belief Balance helps the person to align themselves with the positive statement in each pair.

I find this Balance can sometimes also give the person valuable information about where they have had a conflict of beliefs, or been in two minds about something.

There are other Psych-K˚ Balance techniques, such as the New Direction, Resolution and Relationship Balances.

The Relationship Balance is similar to the Core Belief Balance in that it looks as specific statements in the context of a relationship between two people, or a person and a situation, and facilitates the clearing of any unhelpful beliefs, bringing balance.

The New Direction and Resolution Balances bring the person into alignment with a specific Belief Statement. These Balances combine a focusing on a positive statement with a particular physical position, which allows the change to be made.

I now offer a Psych-K˚ Experiential Taster Day for people who are curious about this technique, and would like to experience the New Direction, Resolution and Core Belief Balances before deciding if they would like to go on to accredited Psych-K˚ training. If you are interested in experiencing more of this technique, you will need to be able to muscle-test to be able to come along to this Experiential Day. I run Muscle-Testing for Beginners half day workshops during the year if you would like to learn this technique.

Psych-K® can help you with areas such as:

  • Confidence & self-esteem
  • Relationships
  • Improving health & wellbeing
  • Dealing with grief and loss
  • Reducing stress
  • Prosperity
  • Personal power
  • Spirituality

NOTE: A PSYCH-K® facilitator does not diagnose medical problems, nor does PSYCH-K® replace the need for medical attention or substitute for psychological counselling. PSYCH-K® can discover the subconscious beliefs behind the manifestation of health issues and by changing the programming of those beliefs many have found that their own body has been able to mobilize its healing forces towards health once again.