Muscle-Testing is fundamental to both Psych-K˚ and Kinesiology. It is also a great way to communicate with your own overall system, connecting with body, conscious mind and subconscious mind. I use it daily for both work and in my life outside work, and would not want to be without it. I think of it as a basic life skill!

What is Muscle-Testing? 
Muscle-testing does what the name suggests – it tests the response of a particular muscle to a ‘challenge’. More broadly, it is a way to test the body’s response by identifying disruptions, blockages and imbalances in a person’s energy flow. It is a useful tool for communicating with the individual’s system as a whole.

Muscle-testing is a wonderful tool! Once you have learnt the basics, and practised until you are confident, you can use it to discover more about yourself and what makes you tick. It is the basis of Kinesiology, identifying blocks to the flow of energy around the body – or, to put it another way, disruptions in the electronic signalling between the brain and individual muscles. It sees the body as a biocomputer, which provides objective information on physical muscle weakness, disruptions or blockages in the flow of energy or electrical impulses around the body, and on limiting beliefs which ‘weaken’ the system. It also underpins Psych-K®.

Muscle-testing can also be used to bypass the conscious mind to discover what you believe subconsciously, which may be different from your conscious beliefs. This difference between conscious and subconscious beliefs can create conflict within you and keeping you stuck within a pattern of behaviour or way of thinking.

The ability to muscle-test opens up a new world of insight and information. Use it to see which foods are best for you and which are best avoided. Are you reacting to a particular household or beauty product? Do you need to take a particular supplement, and if so, for how long, to bring your body back to health?

Discover what you really think, rather than what you think you think about a particular situation. Pinpoint beliefs so deeply ingrained that you are unaware of them, and which are making life more difficult for you.

For therapists and practitioners, it allows the checking of intuition and hunches, and opens up the possibility of distance healing and surrogate work. It is a valuable tool for health practitioners, and also for individuals keen to use it in self-development and personal growth work. If you want to learn more about Primary Reflex Integration, or experience Psych-K˚, you will need to be able to muscle-test.

Feedback from Muscle-Testing for Beginners Workshops

Thank you so much for such a brilliant introduction to Muscle-Testing.

Thoroughly enjoyed the morning and feel this will be of huge benefit to me.

Will use muscle-testing to help me for my highest good, before sharing with my clients. Bless you and thank you Sylvia.

Well you did it again… brilliant workshop and I learned so much more yet again. It was a lovely group of people too…. I was so inspired

All great! A good re-enforcer of what I already knew, which is what I needed!

Enjoyable but also deeply interesting and opens up new ideas and perspectives

Very enlightening, and I’m sure it will be of great help in practising Reflexology and Reiki – not to mention many other aspects of life. Thank you for all your enthusiasm

Fantastic. I wanted to develop the confidence to enable me to stop doubting myself. I think you’ve done that for me! Brilliant, thank you.

Nice mix of practice and talk. Thank you, Sylvia

Feedback from The Joy of Muscle-Testing workshops

I am thoroughly enjoying your teaching and being in a very safe space, with very safe people. Thank you so much.

Happy sigh. Fabulously flexible.


Thanks very much for an enjoyable and very useful muscle testing course