Endorphin Effect Mindfulness Technique

Mindfulness is gaining an increasingly high profile as people look for ways to deal with the stresses of life without medication. The Endorphin Effect is easy to learn, easy to use, and a great way of feeling more comfortable in yourself and in your body. It also involves collecting “strawberries”, which are positive experiences and memories which enable you to move out of the stress response and into relaxation.

The Endorphin Effect was created by renowned holistic teacher William Bloom, and the techniques which come under this umbrella term can help improve physical and psychological health. Since attending the training, and qualifying as an Endorphin Effect Coach and Trainer, I have used these techniques in my work environment both before I became a Holistic Health Practitioner, and since, as well as in my personal life.

In essence, the Endorphin Effect teaches ways to trigger endorphins, the body’s natural miracle hormones. They are the Feel Good hormones of the body. Endorphins relax tissue, remove pain and create the physical sensations of wellbeing. Deliberately triggering them is a way of moving out of a stress response and into a relaxation response. It can help to relieve depression and promote a sense of wellbeing, and connectedness rather than isolation.

At a deeper level, it can be used to identify ‘energetic body armour’ – areas where stress, strain and trauma have been stored in the physical body – and work to soften and release it. This softening of the physical body brings physical as well as emotional benefits, increasing blood and oxygen flow, and increasing overall health and wellbeing. It can also be used to maintain a sense of calm under pressure, and to radiate that calm and stillness out to those around you.

Using the Endorphin Effect can help you to:

  • Build good health
  • Increase vitality and wellbeing
  • Control stress and increase relaxation
  • Improve relationships at home and at work
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills
  • Establish clear boundaries
  • Create a positive outlook and boost your enjoyment of life
  • Enhance performance in all areas of your life

I run a range of workshops on the Endorphin Effect, and am also very happy to work with people in one-to-one coaching sessions. Whatever the format, the basic techniques are easy to learn, and powerful to use. I can recommend it as a practical way to relax, to give yourself quiet space, and to collect ‘positive triggers’ to have around you which will help you to react positively under pressure.

NOTE: An Endorphin Effect Coach does not diagnose medical problems, nor do the techniques learned using the Endorphin Effect replace the need for medical attention or substitute for psychological counselling.

Feedback on Endorphin Effect workshops:

Brilliant, very informative and well delivered. Some useful technique

Loved the explanation and meditations. Mind blowing. Beyond a place I have been before. The techniques are simple and way more profound.

Thank you for facilitating so skilfully. Sylvia’s workshop is a truly delightful experience. I feel I have learned valuable tools that I can use every day and truly benefit me. I feel enriched and inspired. Thank you.

Joanne Davies

Just the act of ‘doing’ helps creativity and raises self-esteem.


Excellent way to change your negativity into a positive state of mind. Will help to eliminate stress in the workplace.

An interesting afternoon. Well worth the time. I will definitely put it into practise.

Sylvia’s workshops are always entertaining and informative. I enjoy myself whilst learning, and always go home very well fed.