Surrogate Working workshops

Surrogate working involves working on behalf of someone else, having checked that it is safe, appropriate, and for their highest good to do so. Using muscle-testing to get a Yes/No response on behalf of the individual, it can be a practical way to work with very young children, the elderly, those for whom muscle-testing is not an option, and also for distance work. If you have experienced a Skype or telephone session from me, you have experienced Surrogate Working.

Surrogate working takes various forms. For example, working with a very young child or baby, or with someone who is too unwell for muscle-testing to be appropriate, using a surrogate person is a practical solution. In these situations, the surrogate person maintains physical contact with the recipient, and undertakes the muscle-testing on their behalf.

When working with someone from a distance, the facilitator uses self-muscle-testing on behalf of the recipient. This approach can also be used when working with animals, with the facilitator either keeping physical contact with the animal while self-muscle-testing, or by using the surrogate distance technique.

In EFT, surrogate work can be done in a similar way, using another person to represent the person benefitting from the EFT. It can also be done using a Tappy Bear or a Magic Button Bear.

Bears can also be used to represent the recipient of the energy work using a kinesiology-inspired infusion of ?healing goodies?.

The Bear Essentials of Surrogate Healing Workshop

If you have ever wished there was a practical way to send love or healing energy to a poorly friend or relative, this could be a workshop for you. Using a Teddybear or soft toy, experience techniques which allow you to connect with healing energy and ‘send’ it to others. Gentle, non-invasive, and a positive way to send ‘goodies’ to someone, it takes caring to a new, practical level.

This workshop provides a grounding in surrogate techniques and how to use them. Although I have a range of bears and soft toys available, please do bring your own bears or soft toys.

Useful for practitioners and for those wanting to help friends and family to feel better, you need to be able to muscle-test with confidence to attend this workshop.

Feedback from previous workshops:

Have thoroughly enjoyed the content and presentation today. Will be able to assist and help myself and my family using surrogate healing. Thank you so much Sylvia.