Psych-K? Experiential Day

Psych-K? is pronounced ?Sigh-Kay?, and stands for Psychological Kinesiology.

This technique was developed by Rob Williams in 1988, and he describes it as ?a user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind.? It combines Psychology and Kinesiology, and can help to identify conflicts within a person?s belief system. It uses a combination of muscle-testing, positive statements and techniques called ?Balances? to enable you to make significant changes in your life quickly and easily.

This 1 day Experiential Taster Day demonstrates some of the Psych-K? Balances which I use the most in my work, and also find useful myself. ?This Day was created for people who are curious about this technique, and would like to experience the New Direction, Resolution and Core Belief Balances before deciding if they would like to go on to accredited Psych-K? training.

Discover more about the principles behind Psych-K? and the impact which conflicts within your belief system can have on your life. Experience how these Balances can help you to identify limiting beliefs as well as conflicts within your belief system, and replace those beliefs with ones which enable you to move forward in life more easily. This can help you to feel differently about yourself, the world around you and your place in it.

If you are interested in experiencing more of this technique, you will need to be able to muscle-test, or to dowse, to be able to come along to this Experiential Day. The ability to Muscle-Test is part of the accredited Psych-K? Training, but is not part of this Experiential Day. I do however ?run Muscle-Testing for Beginners half day workshops during the year if you would like to learn this technique.

These Taster Days are run in Devon, and are ?90 per person.

Feedback from previous workshops:

A thoroughly fascinating insight into this technique ? thank you Sylvia for an amazing day.


More brilliant tools for your healing kit box plus truly inspiring ways to use them. S delightful, uplifting experience.