Practical Self-Care workshops

Workshops under this heading are created to help you to keep yourself healthy, and to promote wellbeing in all areas of life. The information below gives a flavour of some workshops on offer.

Practical Stress-Busting Techniques Workshop

Originally developed as a series of half-hour sessions for a ?time poor? organisation, I now run this as a half day or a full day workshop. I was inspired by the original group of people, who proved that half an hour a week CAN be enough time to learn how to reduce your stress levels & relax more.

The techniques are not rocket-science, but they work. Learn a range of simple techniques involving your five senses, breathing techniques and mindful language, opening the door to a more relaxed daily life. Once you have learned the techniques, all you need to do is to use them….

Practical Self-Care Techniques Workshop

Related to the Stress-Busting workshop, this is a chance to spend quality time with yourself, learning quick, easy techniques which will help you to take better care of yourself. Many people know that they could look after themselves better than they do at the moment, but don’t know how to change what they do. This workshop gives you a wide range of ideas, so that you can mix and match, and share them with family and friends.

Learn to Relax and Unwind Workshop

Pause, draw breath, and discover practical techniques to quieten your mind and relax your body. This workshop offers the chance to experience and learn a range of techniques which can be used daily, or in times of stress. The ability to relax, and to encourage physical relaxation, underpins health and wellbeing, and can be a factor in increasing the body’s ability to heal, as well as the mind’s ability to cope with life’s challenges.