Muscle Testing workshops

Muscle-Testing for Beginners

I love running these workshops, which are for anyone who has always wanted to find a way of communicating with their own body and subconscious mind.

In Muscle-Testing for Beginners, learn a range of basic muscle-testing techniques which you can use in daily life as well as within a therapeutic practice. Discover what your body needs rather than what you think you want ? even if this means less chocolate in your life! You will also learn basic techniques to muscle-test other people.

This half-day interactive workshop includes plenty of time to learn a range of self-testing techniques to find which feel most natural for you plus time to practise using nutrition, lists and other resources.

For those planning to go on to learn Primary Reflex integration techniques, this workshop also includes basic surrogate testing and identifying the priority from a range of aspects, and gives you the muscle-testing skills you will need to attend the Integration and Follow-Up workshops.

Discover the surprising range of benefits to incorporating muscle-testing into your personal and practitioner practices ? and the fun it can be!

The Joy of Muscle-Testing

This workshop is for those who want to increase & develop their muscle-testing skills.

If you are already using the basics of muscle-testing, this half day workshop provides an opportunity to develop your existing skills and learn new ones. It follows on from the Beginners workshop.

Learn more about the detective-work aspects of muscle-testing, using your skills to pinpoint the priority area or issue. Spend time identifying subconscious beliefs which could be holding you back or blocking you.

The workshop also introduces the concept of a Menu, building on the Beginners? workshop use of lists to create your own checklist which will enable you to identify the relevant aspects and the most appropriate way to resolve the issue. Expand your skills to include the use of diagrams, images and scanning. The small group size means there will be opportunities for one to one work as well as working in pairs. Oh yes ? and time to ?play? with Sylvia?s growing collection of resources!

Refresher Workshops

I also offer Muscle-Testing Refresher workshops, for those who have been on the Beginners or Joy Of workshops, but who need to build confidence in their ability to use the techniques. This half day workshop is an opportunity to spend time using a range of self-testing techniques to find which feel most natural, and to use those techniques with a range of resources. There is also time to ask questions, and gain confidence in the reliability of your muscle-testing skills.

People who have been on previous Muscle-Testing workshops have said…..

Thank you so much for a brilliant introduction to Muscle-Testing. Thoroughly enjoyed the morning and feel this will be of huge benefit to me. Will use muscle-testing to help me for my highest good, before sharing it with my clients. Bless you and thank you Sylvia.


Well you did it again…brilliant workshop and I learned so much more yet again. It was a lovely group of people too….I was so inspired.


Thanks very much for an enjoyable and very useful muscle testing course.


I am thoroughly enjoying your teaching and being in a very safe space, with very safe people. Thank you so much.