Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) workshops

Easy to learn and use, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or ‘Tapping’ is growing in popularity as a self-help technique. Michael Ball recently spoke about it on the TV show Loose Women, and how it helps him to overcome stage-fright. There is also increasing research into how EFT may help those suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) through work with war veterans. It is also starting to be used in schools, to help children with concentration and emotional development. Basically, you can use it on anything!

EFT helps to clear ’emotional charges’ – it takes the intensity out of the emotion, so that something which was terrifying, or traumatic, or humiliating, becomes something which just happened. It does not change what happened, just how intensely you react to it, and how you feel about it. It helps you to clear your emotional decks, move on from the past, and do things differently in the future.

EFT is becoming increasingly well-known, and there is a growing body of research into its effects. Each practitioner has their own distinctive style, and often their own specialism. The annual online Tapping World Summit is a great way to experience a range of practitioners, authors, and regular EFT users, demonstrating a range of approaches and styles.

EFT is incredibly versatile. Easy to learn, it can be a great tool to use in a wide range of situations. If you are interested in learning more about EFT and how to use it, I offer half day Tap into EFT Taster Sessions as well as half day Tapping Groups on a range of subjects. As always, if you would like me to run a Tapping Group on a specific subject, please contact me.

Tap into EFT Taster Sessions

These taster sessions give you a chance to find out more and try this simple and amazingly effective technique for yourself. The results can be astonishing, and I know from my own experience of using it on myself and with others that it can be so powerful and transformative.

You will learn about how EFT has developed, the Tapping Points, and experience the technique in practice.

EFT ‘Tapping Groups’

These groups offer the chance to tap on a particular theme or issue, and see where it leads us. It is also an opportunity to experience a range of techniques and languaging which can help to release emotional intensity, clear blocks and gain new perspectives safely, easily and quickly.

Among the areas often requested are self-worth, success, letting go of past hurts, issues with money, self-respect and self-care, feeling worthy and deserving, and being able to love and accept yourself.

Tapping Group: Spring-clean and De-clutter

Harness the power of EFT to boost your New Year?s resolutions and release anything no longer wanted on voyage in the year ahead. It?s amazing how quickly tapping can allow you to clear emotional and mental clutter. This approach enables you to change habits and behaviour patterns, as well as the beliefs and thoughts which keep them firmly in place. Do you set resolutions and intentions at the start of each year only to be disappointed in your lack of will-power to stick to them? What if you could make the changes you want to make more easily and quickly than you expected? This tapping group also gives you a chance to experience EFT as a technique in a small friendly group.

Tapping Group feedback

Bless you Sylvia, that was a fantastic morning. I didn’t know what to expect, but I felt welcomed, safe and listened to. Thank you.


I joined Sylvia at her workshop on removing money blocks. Sylvia was very welcoming and friendly. This was my first experience of EFT. It was amazing – huge releases on issues I thought I had dealt with. An enormous shift in my energies, so thank you for the work you have done today.

Dawn Hall


Thank you so much Sylvia for providing such a safe space, with safe people. I am always able to release blocks through your loving guidance, intuition and knowledge. Keep up the good work and carry on shining.