Psych-K˚ is pronounced “Sigh-Kay”, and stands for Psychological Kinesiology. This technique was developed by Rob Williams in 1988, and he describes it as “a user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind.” It combines Psychology and Kinesiology, and can help to identify conflicts within a person’s belief system. It uses a combination of muscle-testing, […]


Muscle-Testing is fundamental to both Psych-K˚ and Kinesiology. It is also a great way to communicate with your own overall system, connecting with body, conscious mind and subconscious mind. I use it daily for both work and in my life outside work, and would not want to be without it. I think of it as […]


Kinesiology, pronounced “Kin-easy-ology” or sometimes “Kine-easy-ology” is a technique which uses muscle-responses to identify imbalances within a person’s overall system. It is now also proving a valuable additional skill for physiotherapists, adding another dimension to their work. Kinesiology looks at each person as a whole, and works with body, mind, emotions and spirit to restore […]

Endorphin Effect Mindfulness Technique

Mindfulness is gaining an increasingly high profile as people look for ways to deal with the stresses of life without medication. The Endorphin Effect is easy to learn, easy to use, and a great way of feeling more comfortable in yourself and in your body. It also involves collecting “strawberries”, which are positive experiences and […]